Our Temple for Your Retreat

A Healing Journey that Balances
 Body & Spirit

Yama is one of the 5 beautiful RIGHT LIVING recommendations by the yogic philosophy that allows an individual to live in harmony with oneself and with the environment.

This philosophy served us as inspiration to ground the DNA of our brand. A code of ethics that would guide and inspire us through our journey.

Right living means simply living aligned with who we are. In connection to our inner and real selves. Unindoctrinated from the conditioned mind. This connection is easier when we are in quietude, in nature.

Our Temple

Yama is a perfect channel for connection to ourselves and to the elements. Located in the beautiful and mystical town of Balian, right in front of Bali´s
sacred river mouth, and at hearing distance to the ocean. Yama is immersed in a dense tropical jungle. The perfect place for tuning in. This is the purpose of Yama Balian´s temple.


To help people connect, and discover the tools that will allow this connection to happen and be maintained. 

Our logo is built upon 4 symbols, each of them representing each of our core aspirations: Balance, Nature, Community & Temple.

A temple to find balance in community with nature.

Our Shala

Every sanctuary has its special place. Our shala is the core of Yama, its where the magic happens. Where communities bond, and the place of connection for people. Our team, our guests, our hosts, and our students. A spacious 80sqm nice wood decking with a capacity for up to 24 students, plus a podium as extra space for the teacher. It also counts with bathroom, sound system, projection for class assistance, ceiling fans and different light settings. An spectacular direct view facing Balian river makes our temple extra soothing and relaxing to all senses.
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Your Rooms

Yama Balian offers 10 carefully designed rooms inspired by a mix of Mediterranean vibes and tropical Balinese touches. The rooms are located along a beautiful tropical garden that offers spectacular views over Balian River. They all feature a large open-air shower and private terrace with a comfortable day bed and oversized cushions. All rooms are suitable for single or double use.

Nourishment for the body

Food is a vital part of any Yoga retreat and at Yama Balian we take it very seriously. Experience the real nourishment of a healthy an energizing food. Let us delight you with our daily cooked, balanced delicious meals to support yoga and exercise. Tasty meals with local products, that are both nutritious and wholesome, revitalize the body. Our culinary offer is one of the highlights of Yama experience. For breakfast you can expect to help yourself with Yoghurt, almond and soja milk, granola, smoothies, fruits, Jammu and other energizing plant-based elixir. Fresh fruits, tasty nuts, herbal teas and fresh coffee throughout the day as well as well as at breakfast. For Lunch our chefs treat you to a varied buffet of culinary delights. To give you an idea of what you can expect we would offer tasty dishes based on grains such as cuscus, quinoa, polenta, fresh salads, falafel, noodles, hummus, vegetal lasagna, and a variety of vegetables dishes. We also love vegetable soups such as Gazpacho, mushrooms, pumpkin, carrot and other seasonable vegetables and obviously finishing with tasty and healthy desserts. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. We can happily look after you here.

Service, our motto.

In Yama, our guests are our most valuable asset. This is why when celebrating your retreat with us, you can expect a family like service from the moment you walk in. Make our guests and collaborators to feel comfortable and happy is what keeps our engines running.

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