Our Sacred Place

Balian Beach. Bali´s best kept secret

Although on the same island as the bustling Canggu, Kuta and Uluwatu areas. Balian beach feels world’s away. Secretly tucked between south Bali areas, and the famous surf town; Medewi beach. This secret is often a daily surf day trip for some as they pass by, for others it becomes a surf retreat that becomes hard to leave, and for others who spend longer, a wellness retreat, and a main priority destination when returning for their holidays in Bali.

Balian, the healer

The word Balian, means nothing less than Healer/Shaman. When someone experiences misfortunes in their life, whether illnesses, accidents, or unfortunate incidents; Balinese people believe if the related person is in a state of disharmony with his/her surroundings, is the result of inappropriate things that have been committed. Many people in the East, particularly in Bali, still believe in the power of ¨Balian¨. A Healer. Someone who sees beyond, and who can help remove disharmonies within.

Sacred River

This village earns its name thanks to its river. Balinese people believe in the element of water as a healing and purifying force. The river of Balian was used by the islanders to bring the sick and dying to its waters and be magically cleansed and healed. Furthermore, Balian river has a huge history behind it, as it was the point where the Balinese hindu people stood strong protecting the religion and culture of their ancestry against the muslim invasion that took place in the Indonesian Majapahit Hindu Kindom times.

Balian Beach

The waters of this river flow beautifully into the ocean. A clash of energies as the sweet and salty water bodies merge, and where the magic happens on the Balian shore with super fun and consistent waves all year round.

This is not a typical white sand and blue water beach, it’s a mystic shiny black sand merging with nature hanging off its cliffs. A mix of black and vivid greens over a misty shore that will tele-transport you to ancient balinese times.

Balian Beach. Bali´s best kept secret.