Hey! It´s Us

We discovered Balian over a decade ago. A mystical and radiant village situated on the least spoiled side of the island. The so called west Bali experience. An area of exuberant nature, perfect postcard sunsets, some of the best island surfing action, and Ubud like vibes 10 years ago. An innocent, unique charm in its people, like the ones we imagine when fantasizing of a trip to Bali. It was, and thank god still is, a place where time stands still. Where presence and connection is all there is.

Over the years, it became our hideaway retreat where after living and hustling in the south of Bali, where for many years life was mostly concentrated, we would always come for few days to retreat, surf, practice yoga, meditate, recharge, and disconnect.
Years passed by, and we continued to come more and more to this little secret paradise, we created bonds with local villagers and dreamed about one day making the final move and follow our inner voice. We decided to take a piece of land where the dream could manifest one day.

From the first time we discovered Balian beach, we knew that it was the place we wanted to settle and to be a part of. To come and join the beautiful and little community that lived here before us.

That day finally arrived, sitting on our boards in the ocean, having the time of our lives with the sun shining on our faces, looking at all the beauty around us, in a complete state of joy, it was dealed. It was time to make this aging dream of us come true.

We wanted to share this experience with the world, humbly create something not intrusive to the energy of the town. A place for real travelers, for seekers, for people looking to experience Bali in a calmer, simpler and interesting way.

There are still few places like this in the world. Not many unfortunately. The last thing we wanted was to change it for worse. Yama was born under the values of community integration and respect towards the ecosystem and its people. Infused with the principles of Yoga. Aimed to attract traveller’s who share our ¨less is more¨ life philosophy. For people to come and be, to be nourished by the magical energy, and enjoy everything this village offers the people who visit it. A sanctuary within a sanctuary.

We wanted out of the buzz, we wanted a more authentic experience doing everything we love; To live simpler, health, relaxed and walking barefoot in nature. This is our vision, that life can be different and that we attract the vibes we project. Yama is not for everyone. Balian is not for everyone. And that´s what makes it so amazing.

Welcome to Yama.

Welcome home.

Our Brand Philosophy


Opposites attract each other as they are forced to meet in the middle. Like the endless dance represented in the Yin & Yang symbol. Living a life of balance and virtue, lead by positive efforts; even sometimes uncomfortable, set us in a state of equilibrium, and balance equals peace.
A natural sanctuary facing Bali´s sacred river, covered in palm trees, and tuned to the roar of the Indian ocean, is Yama´s set up for connection in balance with nature, with our home. A home where our inner child can live joyfully and playfully.

We believe in balance through a connection with the environment, through the activities that promote mental and spiritual steadiness, and supported with the right food to nourish our bodies, enhancing our inner wellbeing.
Yama is about balancing our physical, mental and spiritual selves.


We come from nature, and nature is where we head to. It doesn’t make much sense to live away from it in the process.

We are are humbly merged in our surrounding, nothing is pretentious, nothing is sticking out too much. Becoming one with the natural beauty that neighbors us. Nothing is added, but the strictly necessary to have an all about the environment experience in west coast Bali´s magical nature.

We are not a place to simply observe nature like a painting, but to become closer to it. To experience it fully through all our senses.


Family is not determined by the place we are born or live. Family is people we find along our journeys whom with we similarly vibe.

Yama is us and it is also you. The spirit of Yama is made of the moments and stories lived in it. Joy is present in us, offering a lifestyle experience,, as hopefully in those who come and enjoy it. We learn and grow from each other.
Lets jam together.


Temples are sacred places of worship and connection to higher frequencies and energies. They have countless forms but they all serve similar purposes. Yama is our temple, a place where we worship life, and the relationship with everything and everyone around us.

Yama is a place to worship our minds and bodies, our environment and our communities. Life itself must be worshiped, and us, being part of life, are meant to be carried as breathing and walking human temples.

Let´s worship the god within us

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